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Music Education that makes a difference.

Music has the power to heal, bring people together, expand worldviews, and encourage curiosity. It’s a universal language that holds so much potential for the next generation.  Studies have shown that children who are exposed to music at an early age score higher on tests, have better cognitive function, and are more likely to graduate. Music is truly life-changing!

Over time, MGS education programming, Music for Young People, has grown to include every artist in our concert series. The program also provides music education and community engagement opportunities for a variety of audiences. MGS reaches nearly 3,000 Guilford County students each year.  You can see what schools MGS has visited by interacting with the map below.

Responding to the challenges of music education during the pandemic, MGS has created multiple options for education programming with both in-person and virtual presentations.  Partnering with Guilford County School's music teachers, MGS bolsters their work. Together, we inspire and engage students through music.

Through school visits and outreach, Music for a Great Space bring music to the students inspiring their minds, their future careers, and their own contributions to society.  Exposure and participation in music nurtures students in a myraid of ways. Regardless of socioeconomic status, music education provides:

  • Increased cognitive skills
  • Higher test and college entrance exam scores
  • Raised mathematics proficiency
  • Better self-expression
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Reduced dropout rates
  • Diminished stress levels

"Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul." 


Scroll down to experience the online music education presentations housed on our website and photos of education events from this season!

Support for MGS education programming is provided in part by the Tannenbaum-Sternberger Foundation and ArtsGreensboro.


Music for Young People - Online Edition

Our Music for Young People series is presented in conjunction with our concert series, and we bring our artists into the classrooms to interact with students, introducing their instruments, the music they perform, and their lives as musicians.  Below we have a number of online education presentations including interviews and recordings of our artists, lesson plans, activities and more!

These materials are created with elementary and middle school students in mind, but can be enjoyed by those of any age.

MGS thanks Kim Barclift and Matt Wilson for crafting the education presentations below.  Both Ms. Barclift and Mr. Wilson pursued advanced degrees in Music Education at UNCG.


Jan 27 - Rolston String Quartet - Haydn & Grieg
Discussing Musical Scales and Emotions in Music

Feb 10 - André Lash introduces the organ
Discussing Timbre and a virtual "Organ Crawl"

Feb 24 - Resident Jazz Quartet - Without a Song
Discussing Tempo, Musical Form, and Improvisation

March 17 - ZOFO Piano Duet - George Gershwin Cuban Overture
Discussing Salsa Music and Salsa Percussion

April 7 - Fusion of Musical Genres - Simon Preston Alleluyas for Organ
Discussing the Genres/Periods of Western Classical Music and the fusion of those genres.

April 14 - Mendelssohn Prelude and Fugue for Organ
Discussing the Fugue or Round

April 21 - Caterina Assandra Ave Verum Corpus *written for high school age students
Discussing Transcription

Feb 21 - Stephen Price performs on the organ - Coleridge-Taylor's Impromptu
Discussing the Instrument Families, and the Pipe Organ

March 18 - Harlem Quartet performs Strayhorn and Marsalis
Discussing Jazz and Strings (Harlem Quartet was presented in partnership with Chamber Music Raleigh)

May 16 - Ariel Pocock performs Jobim's If You Never Come To Me
Discussing Samba and Bossa Nova

For more videos including interviews and performances visit our YouTube page!

MGS is committed to bringing all of our performing artists to the public school students to provide access to as many students as possible each year.  MGS tailors these visits to the individual school and works closely with the music teachers to match the artists to the schools.

In an effort to create the a lasting impact on the students attending education presentations, students are provided with a voucher which allows their entire family to attend the Friday night concert free of charge. 

So far this season, James Giles presented a masterclass for UNCG students, David Higgs presented a masterclass for UNCG and UNCSA students, and Thalea String Quartet visited 3rd and 4th graders at Morehead Elementary School with an education presentation about what music makes you feel.


James Giles Masterclass at UNCG       David Higgs Masterclass with UNCG and UNCSA students       Thalea Quartet at Morehead Elementary

For Students By Students

For Students By Students is an interview series created in partnership with UNCG’s Arts Administrative Resource Community.  The questions will be administered by the arts administration students in the student led organization.  Questions will cover topics such as inspirations to join the arts, past experience in the arts, current experience in the arts, and future goals in the Arts.  Interviews in the first round of the series include undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students as well as newly appointed faculty members to give student audiences an opportunity to see a path in the various stages ahead of them.

These interviews are created with high school students in mind, but can be enjoyed by those of any age.


Feb 3 - Gabriel Figuracion - Undergraduate Viola/Music Ed Major at UNCGFor Students By Students
G. Figuracion Question List and Times

Feb 17 - James Austin Porzenski - Master's Vocal Major at UNCG
J. Porzenski Question List and Times

March 3 - Kassandra Ormsby - Bassoon Doctoral Candidate at UNCG
K. Ormsby Question List and Times

March 10 - Dr. Annie Jeng - Assistant Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy at UNCG
A. Jeng Question List and Times

Want to play a part in making music education accessible for all? Attend an MGS concert and support the concerts as an audience member.  Or consider a donation to support MGS education programming!